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Lines of Red and Blue—Battles of the Napoleonic Wars

Battles of the Continental European Nations (3 volumes)

Rasputin and the Russian Court

Emilia Plater and the Polish Uprising

Who Dies Fighting

Fontenoy and the War of Austrian Succession

Japanese Sea War

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Drummond, of the 17th Lancers
Frederick Martin
A Novel of the Crimean War
Into the Valley of Death rode the 600—3 books in one special edition Historical adventure fiction featuring warriors or soldiers as the central characters is now incredibly popular with stories set..
Available in paperback £12.08
Available in hardback £19.78
The Texan Republic Trilogy
Joseph A. Altsheler
3 Books in One Special Edition—The Texan Star, The Texan Scouts, The Texan Triumph
Liberty or Death—the battle for the Republic of Texas American author Joseph Altsheler was well known for his exciting action stories set against notable periods in the history and wars of the Unit..
Available in paperback £18.68
Available in hardback £26.38
The Smithy Stories
Edgar Wallace
‘Smithy,’ ‘Smithy Abroad,’ ‘Smithy and the Hun,’ ‘Nobby, or Smithy’s Friend Nobby’ and ‘Army Reform’
Edgar Wallace’s humorous tales of British Army life Most readers are familiar with Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Soldiers Three’ stories, and the delightful and enduring tales of Queen Victoria’s ‘hard bargai..
Available in paperback £13.18
Available in hardback £20.88