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Lines of Red and Blue—Battles of the Napoleonic Wars

Battles of the Continental European Nations (3 volumes)

Rasputin and the Russian Court

Emilia Plater and the Polish Uprising

Who Dies Fighting

Fontenoy and the War of Austrian Succession

Japanese Sea War

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Hewitt & Dorrington Private Detectives: the Complete Casebooks
Arthur Morrison
A bumper helping of the detective stories of Arthur Morrison   British author, Arthur Morrison was a writer and journalist principally known for his authoritative work on Japanese art, nove..
Available in paperback £16.99
Available in hardback £24.99
The Educated Evans Stories
Edgar Wallace
‘Educated Evans, ’ ‘More Educated Evans,’ ‘Good Evans’ and ‘A Present for Evans’
Meet Educated Evans and ‘The Miller’ in the shady side of London between the World Wars Edgar Wallace was a prolific author of crime, adventure and humorous stories, whose best known creations incl..
Available in paperback £12.08
Available in hardback £19.78
The Second Leonaur Book of Supernatural Detectives
Morgan Tyler
Investigations of Ghosts and Strange Occurrences Including ‘Door Into Infinity,’ ‘The Mark of the Beast,’ ‘The Spectre House,’ ‘The Telepather, ’ ‘The Mystery of the Circular Chamber,’ ‘The Haunted Homestead’ and Eight Other Short Stories
Investigations to explain the unexplainable This second helping of tales from the casebooks of fictional sleuths of the supernatural continues in the same chilling and engrossing style as the First..
Available in paperback £10.98
Available in hardback £18.68