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The Australian Airforce 1914-18

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The Liverpol Rifles in the Great War

John Wesley Hardin

Never Surpassed-The 52nd Regiment of Foot

The British Navy in Battle

Zulu and Sudan

Lady Hobo

The Crusades

Gillett, Texas Ranger

The Viking Wars

London Men in Palestine

The RFC in the Great War

The French & Indian Wars

Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

Bunbury of Maida

The Lady of Latham

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American Indian Wars

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An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre
John G. Bourke
An Account of the Expedition in Pursuit of the Chiricahua Apaches in Arizona, 1883
With Crook in pursuit of Geronimo and his band The author of this book was a U.S soldier in addition to being a well known and highly regarded author on the Apache Wars of the later nineteenth cent..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
The Nez Percé Campaign, 1877
G. O. Shields & Edmond Stephen Meany
Two Accounts of Chief Joseph and the Defeat of the Nez Percé

The Battle of Big Hole
Chief Joseph, the Nez Percé
A great Indian chief and giant of the history of the western frontier Many of the names of the leaders of the tribes of native American Indians of the nineteenth century have become known to the en..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
Sheridan’s Troopers on the Borders
De Benneville Randolph Keim
The Winter Campaign of the U.S. Army Against the Indian Tribes of the Southern Plains, 1868-9
Personal experiences of war against the Plains Indians With the conclusion of the Civil War the American nation turned once again to its 'Manifest Destiny' in earnest, and as the influence of the '..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
My Life on the Plains or Personal Experiences With Indians
George A. Custer
Custer’s Memoir of His Campaigns Against the Indian Tribes of the Western Plains
The memoirs of the most famous American cavalryman Those who pursue fame are occasionally fated to acquire it for reasons other than those of their ambitions. So it is with George Armstrong Custer ..
Available in paperback £15.99
Available in hardback £25.99
Following the Guidon
Elizabeth B. Custer
The Experiences of General Custer’s Wife With the U. S. 7th Cavalry
The wife of a famous soldier on campaign on the Western Plains of America Despite a successful career during the Civil War and a meteoritic elevation in rank as the 'Boy General,’ it is the later c..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Fighting Indians in the 7th United States Cavalry
Ami Frank Mulford
The Recollections of a Bugler of the Campaign Against the Nez Perce Indians 1876-77
An American Indian War campaign by a serving soldier The action of this book takes place within a cavalry regiment no longer under the command of the flamboyant George Armstrong Custer. Little time..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
The Indian War of 1864
Eugene Ware
The Experiences of a Young Officer of the 7th Iowa Cavalry on the Western Frontier During the Civil War
The US Cavalry and Indian tribes at war The author of this book was a young officer in the Union Army—a cavalryman of the 7th Iowa Cavalry—when in 1863, after the Battle of Gettysburg, he was order..
Available in paperback £13.99
Available in hardback £21.99
Boots and Saddles
Elizabeth B. Custer
The experiences of General Custer’s Wife on the Western Plains
A classic account of life on the Western Frontier Mrs Custer—Libby—the love of George Armstrong Custer's life is in some regard no less famous than her husband. They were in the truest sense 'a cou..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
U. S. Dragoon
Samuel E. Chamberlain
Experiences in the Mexican War 1846-48 and on the South Western Frontier
From soldier to wagon master to scalp hunter Chamberlain left Boston as a mere youth and joined the United States Army. He became a soldier in the 1st US Dragoons and determined to become the very ..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
The Indian Wars Volunteer
William Thompson
Recollections of the Conflict Against the Snakes, Shoshone, Bannocks, Modocs and Other Native Tribes of the American North West
A classic account of the Indian Wars of the great American North West The author of this book, William Thompson, was a true pioneer and American frontiersman. He travelled westward by covered wagon..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99