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Forty Years Among the Indians
Daniel W. Jones
Experiences of a Mormon Pioneer on the South-West Frontier
The life of an outstanding Mormon pioneer and Westerner As the title of this book suggests its author recalls a long period of his life in the American South- West of the nineteenth century commenc..
Available in paperback £12.08
Available in hardback £20.88
Sioux Massacre at Spirit Lake
Thomas Teakle & R. A. Smith
Two Accounts of the Santee Sioux Attack on the Iowa Settlements in 1857—The Spirit Lake Massacre by Thomas Teakle & A History of Dickinson County, Iowa (Extract) by R. A. Smith
Scarlet Point’s raid in Iowa In March 1857, after a particularly severe winter, a band of fourteen starving, renegade Wahpekute Santee Sioux led by Scarlet Point (Inkpaduta) descended on the settle..
Available in paperback £13.18
Available in hardback £20.88
Narratives of Black Hawk’s War, 1832
Henry Smith; C. R. Green; Benjamin Drake; Black Hawk; Frances and Almira Hall by William Edwards & Frank Everett Stevens
The Expedition Against the Sauk and Fox Indians 1832 by Henry Smith; Sac and Fox Indians in Kansas; Mokohoko’s Stubbornness by C. R. Green; The Great Indian Chief of the West: or, Life and Adventures of Black Hawk by Benjamin Drake; Autobiography of Ma-Ka
Indian warfare in Illinois and Wisconsin The Black Hawk War of 1832 was typical of 19th century confrontations between the United States government and Native-American tribes in as much as it was v..
Available in paperback £16.48
Available in hardback £24.18
The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier
Edgar Beecher Bronson
Cowboys, Indians, Outlaws, Lawmen, Bounty Hunters and Six-Gun Killers of the Old West
The men who really made the West wild The author of this book of collected anecdotes of the American West when it was at its wildest after the American Civil War, was well qualified for the task fo..
Available in paperback £10.98
Available in hardback £19.78
Dances & Customs of the Indians of the South West
John G. Bourke
A Collection of Classic Works on the Apache, Zuni, Moquis and Pueblo Native American Indian Tribes
Seminal works on the tribes of the South West by one of its earliest authorities The author of this book is a well known and highly regarded author on the history of the American south-west during ..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £18.68
An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre
John G. Bourke
An Account of the Expedition in Pursuit of the Chiricahua Apaches in Arizona, 1883
With Crook in pursuit of Geronimo and his band The author of this book was a U.S soldier in addition to being a well known and highly regarded author on the Apache Wars of the later nineteenth cent..
Available in paperback £8.78
Available in hardback £17.58
The Life of the Famous Apache Warrior in His Own Words
A giant figure in the history of frontier America Geronimo is the Mexican name for Goyathlay, the Chiricahua Apache military leader, one of the distinguished leaders from the indigenous Indian trib..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £18.68