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Jeffrey Amherst

The Australian Airforce 1914-18

Redvers Buller's African Campaigns

The Liverpol Rifles in the Great War

John Wesley Hardin

Never Surpassed-The 52nd Regiment of Foot

The British Navy in Battle

Zulu and Sudan

Lady Hobo

The Crusades

Gillett, Texas Ranger

The Viking Wars

London Men in Palestine

The RFC in the Great War

The French & Indian Wars

Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

Bunbury of Maida

The Lady of Latham

Supernatural SAKI 

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Frontiersmen and Buffalo Hunters

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The Border and the Buffalo: the Recollections of a Buffalo Hunter & Indian Fighter on the American West Frontier
John R. Cook
Hunting the buffalo and fighting Indians on the western frontier For millennia the great herds of North American bison (or buffalo as they were popularly known) had roamed the continental heartland..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
Fast Guns and War-Bonnets
Robert McReynolds & Alexander Majors
Two First Hand Accounts of the American ‘Wild West’ Frontier During the 19th Century—Thirty Years on the Frontier by Robert McReynolds & Seventy Years on the Frontier by Alexander Majors
Two outstanding Western lives in one special edition The history of the frontier region of the United States of America in the pre and post American Civil War period—the ‘Wild West’—has always fasc..
Available in paperback £14.99
Available in hardback £24.99
Billy Dixon & Adobe Walls
Billy Dixon & Edward Campbell
Scout, Plainsman & Buffalo Hunter

Life and Adventures of “Billy” Dixon
by Billy Dixon

The Battle of Adobe Walls
by Edward Campbell Little
Two essential accounts of the south western plains in frontier days This special edition book contains two works—‘Billy’ Dixon’s remarkable autobiography of his life on the south western plains of ..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Wild Life in the Far West
James Hobbs
The Adventures of a Hunter, Trapper, Guide, Prospector and Soldier
The memoirs of a remarkable Westerner For those fascinated by the history of the American West the lives of its singular characters—particularly in autobiography—never cease to enthral. These resou..
Available in paperback £14.99
Available in hardback £24.99
The Old Santa Fe Trail
Henry Inman
The Story of a Great Highway
A soldier-author's view of the American frontier The history of the expansion of the frontier of America is particularly marked by the famous—perhaps legendary—trails upon which pioneers in their '..
Available in paperback £12.99
Available in hardback £20.99
Life in the Far West
George F. Ruxton
The experiences of a British Officer in America and Mexico During the 1840s
The first of two classic works of the untamed frontier The words of George Frederick Ruxton have come to epitomise the life of the far westerners, the mountain men and trappers who lived often shor..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains
George F. Ruxton
Experiences of Mexico and the American South West during the 1840s
The second volume of Ruxton's classic account of the great frontier This is young Frederick Ruxton's second volume of his Western frontier adventures. Readers may be confused by the many titles thi..
Available in paperback £12.99
Available in hardback £20.99
Thirty-One Years on the Plains and in the Mountains
William F. Drannan
The life of a legendary frontiersman William Drannan was born to be a pioneer, hunter, trapper and wagon train guide during the momentous days of the Great American West. Drannan left us two substa..
Available in paperback £17.99
Available in hardback £27.99
Chief of Scouts
William F. Drannan
A Pilot to Emigrant and Government Trains, Across the Plains of the Western Frontier
The continuing story of a great Westerner This is the second volume of William Drannan's substantial memoirs. The thread of his life has now made him an experienced guide, Indian fighter and scout...
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99