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Jeffrey Amherst

The Australian Airforce 1914-18

Redvers Buller's African Campaigns

The Liverpol Rifles in the Great War

John Wesley Hardin

Never Surpassed-The 52nd Regiment of Foot

The British Navy in Battle

Zulu and Sudan

Lady Hobo

The Crusades

Gillett, Texas Ranger

The Viking Wars

London Men in Palestine

The RFC in the Great War

The French & Indian Wars

Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

Bunbury of Maida

The Lady of Latham

Supernatural SAKI 

and many others

Journalists, Diarists and Correspondents

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The Wyoming Ranch Letters
Elinore Pruitt Stewart
The Collected Correspondence of a Woman Settler on the American Frontier — Letters of a Woman Homesteader & Letters On an Elk Hunt
An authentic voice from the western frontier Elinore Pruitt Stewart is renowned for her books ‘Letters of a Woman Homesteader’ and its sequel ‘Letters on an Elk Hunt,’ both of which are included in..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
Ladies of the Veldt
Sarah Wilson & Mrs. Heckford
Two Accounts of Remarkable Women in South Africa During the Boer War—South African Memories by Sarah Wilson & A Lady Trader in the Transvaal by Mrs. Heckford
Two resolute women—the first female ‘warco’ and the trader This special Leonaur two-in-one volume contains accounts by two resourceful and independent women who made their way through the often hos..
Available in paperback £16.99
Available in hardback £26.99
My Dear Wife,
Aimée Bond & R. E. Vernède
the Letters of a British Airman and Soldier Written During the First World War—My Airman Over There by Aimée Bond & Letters to His Wife by R. E. Vernède
The war letters of a British pilot and of an officer of the Rifle Brigade The letters of servicemen writing from fields of conflict to their families are always poignant, irrespective of the cause ..
Available in paperback £12.99
Available in hardback £20.99
My War Diary
Mary King Waddington
A Lady’s Experience of the Great War in Europe 1914-1918
The Great War in France—a lady’s intimate view Mary King Waddington was born in New York City. She married a French statesman, William Henry Waddington, his parents were naturalised citizens of Fra..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
A Lady’s Indian Mutiny Diary
M. H. Ouvry
Recollections of a Cavalry Officer’s Wife Before & During the Indian Mutiny, 1857
The mutiny as seen by a Lancer’s wife This account, which briefly covers life in India immediately preceding the Indian Mutiny, was originally titled A Lady’s Life Before and During the Indian Muti..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
The Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
Henry VIII and Henry Ellis
And Other Correspondence & Documents Concerning the King and His Wives
The king and his wives—letters and documents History is full of notable figures, but far fewer in number are those who have become iconic. An indisputably iconic figure, even among the many great k..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
Sapper Dorothy
Dorothy Lawrence
The Only English Woman Soldier in the Royal Engineers 51st Division, 79th Tunnelling Co. During the First World War
The adventures of an intrepid young woman on the Western Front It would not be quite accurate to portray Dorothy Lawrence as a bona fide soldier of the British Army. Dorothy was in fact a young wom..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
Napoleon’s Letters to Josephine
Henry Foljambe Hall
Correspondence of War, Politics, Family and Love 1796-1814
The intimate correspondence of history What needs to be said about the relationship between Napoleon and Josephine that has not become legend? He was a humble Corsican who rose meteorically through..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
A Diary from Dixie
Mary Boykin Chesnut
A Lady’s Account of the Confederacy During the American Civil War
A singular view from a remarkable woman This is a famous book. Any source work is worthy and accounts of the American Civil War from the female perspective are not so numerous, so all of them shoul..
Available in paperback £14.99
Available in hardback £24.99
Lady Sale’s Afghanistan
Florentia Sale
An Indomitable Victorian Lady’s Account of the Retreat from Kabul During the First Afghan War
The hard road back to India There are few books that can truly be said to be unique, but this is one. Afghanistan has been a battleground since man has occupied its hostile landscape and others hav..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99