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Aircraft and Air Force Organisation

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Wings of War
C. Mellor & Gerald Featherstone Knight
Two First Hand Accounts of Pilots During the First World War—The Airman by C. Mellor and “Brother Bosch” by Gerald Featherstone Knight
Two first accounts by early aviators This special Leonaur ‘good value’ edition contains two accounts of the early days of powered flight. The first book, written just before the outbreak of the Fir..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £18.68
The Way of the Air
Edgar C. Middleton
Aircraft & Airmen of the First World War 1914-1918
The dawn of combat in the air Today everyone is so familiar with aircraft, air travel and the fact that virtually every nation’s defence force includes an aerial component, so it is easy to forget ..
Available in paperback £8.78
Available in hardback £18.68
The Romance of Aircraft
Laurence Yard Smith
The Development of Balloons, Dirigibles and Powered Aircraft Including the First World War in the Air
The conquest of the air—and beyond This interesting book, which includes photographs and diagrams, describes the early years of man's attempts to gain mastery of the air. It chronicles the first, r..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £18.68
The German Air Force in the Great War
Georg Paul Neumann
Its History, Development, Organisation, Aircraft, Weapons and Equipment, 1914-1918
Germany’s battle for the skies The Great War was, of course, the first conflict in which mankind took to the air to any significant degree. Powered flight added a new dimension to reconnaissance an..
Available in paperback £10.98
Available in hardback £19.78
The War Machines
Willis J. Abbot
The Development of Aircraft and Submarines for Aerial and Undersea Warfare to the End of the First World War
War from the air—war from beneath the waves For thousands of years warfare had been the business of armies of foot and horse soldiers whilst the seas and oceans were contested by the collision of n..
Available in paperback £13.18
Available in hardback £21.98
R. F. C. H. Q.
Maurice Baring
The Command & Organisation of the British Air Force During the First World War in Europe
The early days of today’s Royal Air Force The exploits of those ‘daring young in their flying machines’ who fought a daredevil war in the air in machines made of little more than wood, canvas and w..
Available in paperback £10.98
Available in hardback £19.78