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Nuns & the Great War 1914-18
D. M. C. & Sister M Antonia
The Irish Nuns at Ypres by D. M. C. & From Convent to Conflict or A Nun’s Account of the Invasion of Belgium by Sister M Antonia
Two accounts of faith and humanity   The ‘storm of war’ is apt epithet for conflict. Mankind dominates the planet and his science and ingenuity can raise great structures, transform landscapes ..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £17.58
Trenches & Camels
Oliver Hogue (Bluegum)
Australian Recollections of Gallipoli and the Imperial Camel Corps During the First World War—Trooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles & The Cameliers by Oliver Hogue (Bluegum)
Two highly regarded books by the light horse chronicler Australian author and journalist Oliver Hogue (sometimes writing as Trooper Bluegum) joined the Australian 6th Light Horse during the First W..
Available in paperback £10.98
Available in hardback £18.68
The Green & the Red
Bryan Cooper, A. P. I. Samuels & D. G. Samuels
Irish Divisions During the First World War—The Tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli by Bryan Cooper & With the Ulster Division in France by A. P. I. Samuels & D. G. Samuels
The Shamrock and the Red Hand at War Divisions of faith, invasions and occupations over centuries, mean that Britain has long had an uneasy relationship with Ireland. The burdens of this have falle..
Available in paperback £10.98
Available in hardback £18.68
The Stobart Nurses
Monica M. Stanley & Olive M. Aldridge
Accounts of British Volunteer Nurses During the First World War—My Diary in Serbia April 1, 1915—Nov. 1, 1915 by Monica M. Stanley & The Retreat from Serbia Through Montenegro and Albania by Olive M. Aldridge
Volunteer British nurses on the Eastern Front Despite the obvious tragedy of the First World War, it provided, as great conflicts invariably do, the catalyst for change in many aspects of European ..
Available in paperback £8.78
Available in hardback £16.48
The Legion of Marching Madmen
W. J. Blackledge
Experiences of a British Soldier on Campaign in Mesopotamia During the First World War
Impressions of the war along the Tigris The author of this book was well known under several pseudonyms for the writing of military accounts, either based on his own experiences or those of an Aust..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £16.48
The German Invasion of Belgium & France
George Herbert Perris
the Opening Campaigns of the First World War in the West from the French Army Perspective
Two essential first hand accounts and histories of the French Army in 1914 Experienced British correspondent George Herbert Perris accompanied French troops during the opening campaigns of the Firs..
Available in paperback £12.08
Available in hardback £19.78
Faithful in Adversity
Arthur Anderson Martin & H. S. Souttar
the Experiences of Two Army Surgeons During the First World War—A Surgeon in Khaki by Arthur Anderson Martin & A Surgeon in Belgium by H. S. Souttar
The war of the medical men This book stands out as distinctive and different among the many other books being published in the centenary year of the outbreak of the First World War, most of which w..
Available in paperback £12.08
Available in hardback £19.78