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Algernon Blackwood's Shorter Supernatural Fiction (2 vols.)

Terrys Texas Rangers

The Last Crusaders

The Defeat of the U-Boats

Sup Richard Middleton

The Battle of Austerlitz

The Campaigns of Alexander

Sabre and Foil Fighting

The Fourth Leonaur Book of Ghost and Horror Stories

The Irish Legion

General Von Zieten

Armoured Cars and Aircraft

The Chinese Regiment

Texas Cavalry and the Laurel Brigade

The First Crusaders

The Lionheart and the Third Crusade

The Winnebagos

Roger Lamb and the American War of Independence

Gronow of the Guards

Plumer of Messines

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Tanks in the Great War, 1914-18: the Development of Armoured Vehicles and Warfare
J. F. C. Fuller
From experimental tractor to victory—the story of tanks in the Great War This comprehensive and erudite perspective of the development and actions of allied battle tanks was written by a British Ar..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
The Western Front, 1914 Trilogy
Edmund Dane
A Concise History of the Opening Campaigns of the First World War, 1914—Hacking Through Belgium, The Battle of the Rivers & The Battles in Flanders
A unique 1914 trilogy in one special edition This Leonaur special edition, published to coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, collects three of Edmund Dane’s well rega..
Available in paperback £12.99
Available in hardback £20.99
Motoring to War
Horace Wyatt & E. Alexander Powell
Accounts of Motor Vehicles from the Boer War & the First World War—Motor Transports in War by Horace Wyatt, “Get There!” (Extract) and “Treat ‘Em Rough!” (Extract) by E. Alexander Powell & The Dennis 30 cwt. Chassis by Dennis Bros., Ltd.
The motorised wheels of war begin to turn In 1914 as the B. E. F was quickly hurried to the battle lines—by whatever means possible—British troops were amused to see familiar commercial vehicles tr..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
John Buchan’s 1914: the War in the West
John Buchan
The First Months of the First World War on the Western Front—June to December 1914
A unique Leonaur edition—never before available in this form John Buchan was a popular author of historical and adventure fiction whose works remain in print to the present day. He also wrote impor..
Available in paperback £16.99
Available in hardback £26.99
The Great Retreat, 1914
George Stuart Gordon & Roger Ingpen
Two Accounts of the Battle & Retreat From Mons by the B. E. F. During the First World War—The Retreat from Mons by Gordon George Stuart & The Fighting Retreat to Paris by Roger Ingpen
Two views of the Great Retreat Imperial Germany had long planned the conflict that was to become the First World War, but when the onslaught came there was little sign that the nations which would ..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
The Art of Revolver Shooting
Walter Winans
A guide to the hand-gun Walter Winans was an acknowledged expert on the subject of firearms and shooting of all kinds in the early years of the 20th century and his comprehensive guides to the subj..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Sniping in France
H. Hesketh-Prichard
With the British Army During the First World War
The crack-shots of the war in the trenches Military historians have always been interested in the activities of snipers. For the uninitiated, there is something romantic about the lone marksman, fa..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Pistol and Revolver Shooting
A. L. A. Himmelwright
A guide to hand-guns and shooting Himmelwright’s guide to pistol and revolver shooting will particularly interest those who collect or shoot historical firearms. Various types of hand-gun are illus..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
British Secret Service During the Great War
Nicholas Everitt
Accounts of Espionage & Counter-Espionage 1914-18
On His Majesty’s Secret Service The Duke of Wellington famously said that the art of war was discovering what you don’t know by what you do—guessing what was on the other side of the hill. The best..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Women at War Work 1914-18
L. K. Yates
Two Views of British Women Engaged in Supplying the Allied Effort During the Great War

The Woman’s Part
by L. K. Yates

Carry On: British Women’s Work in Wartime
The Women of the Great War It has been a salient feature of twentieth century warfare that the industrial nature of conflict, combined with the huge number of men required and the numerous machines..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
The Romance of Aircraft
Laurence Yard Smith
The Development of Balloons, Dirigibles and Powered Aircraft Including the First World War in the Air
The conquest of the air—and beyond This interesting book, which includes photographs and diagrams, describes the early years of man's attempts to gain mastery of the air. It chronicles the first, r..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
The German Air Force in the Great War
Georg Paul Neumann
Its History, Development, Organisation, Aircraft, Weapons and Equipment, 1914-1918
Germany’s battle for the skies The Great War was, of course, the first conflict in which mankind took to the air to any significant degree. Powered flight added a new dimension to reconnaissance an..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
From Private to Field-Marshal
William Robertson
The Autobiography of the First British Private Soldier to Rise to the Highest Rank
Scarlet coat to red-tabs It is a common aspect of uncommon men that their lives are so exceptional that they cannot be adequately described in a few words. So much the better then that the author o..
Available in paperback £12.99
Available in hardback £20.99
The Horse in War
D. S. Tamblyn
Horses & Mules in the Allied Armies During the First World War, 1914-18
The last great war of the horse The role of the ‘war horse’ particularly during its twilight years during the First World War has recently become the focus of much interest. All armies have used ho..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
War Inventions
T. W. Corbin
Warships, Guns, Tanks, Rifles, Bombs & Other Instruments and Munitions of Warfare, How They Were Invented & How They Are Employed
The first instruments and machines of 'modern' war For as long as people have formed themselves into factions there has been warfare. The nature of conflict changed little in its fundamentals until..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99