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Jeffrey Amherst

The Australian Airforce 1914-18

Redvers Buller's African Campaigns

The Liverpol Rifles in the Great War

John Wesley Hardin

Never Surpassed-The 52nd Regiment of Foot

The British Navy in Battle

Zulu and Sudan

Lady Hobo

The Crusades

Gillett, Texas Ranger

The Viking Wars

London Men in Palestine

The RFC in the Great War

The French & Indian Wars

Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

Bunbury of Maida

The Lady of Latham

Supernatural SAKI 

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English Civil War

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The Defiant Lady of Lathom: Accounts of Charlotte de la Tremoille, Countess of Derby & the English Civil War
Mary C. Rowsell, Madame Guizot de Witt & Tho. Stanley
The Life-Story of Charlotte de la Trémoille Countess of Derby by Mary C. Rowsell The Lady of Lathom by Madame Guizot de Witt An Account of the Siege of Lathom House by Tho. Stanley A notable woma..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Cromwell as a Soldier: the Military Career of Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War and Other Conflicts
T S Baldock
A unique edition enhanced by battlefield maps Although this is a book created for students of military history, everyone who knows anything of the history of Britain is aware of the colossal influe..
Available in paperback £14.99
Available in hardback £24.99
Soldiers of Parliament
C. H. Firth & F. Grose
The Creation and Formation of the New Model Army During the English Civil War—Cromwell’s Army by C. H. Firth (Special Edition including illustrations by F. Grose) & The Soldier’s Catechism & Soldier’s Pocket Bible of the Parliamentarian Army
A special edition of an outstanding academic study Firth’s ‘Cromwell’s Army’ has long been recognised as an essential classic. It describes in detail the structure, formations, equipment and practi..
Available in paperback £16.99
Available in hardback £26.99
Tangier 1662-80: The First Battle Honour
Various authors
The British Army in Conflict With the Moors of Morocco
The history of a fascinating campaign of the first years of the British Army In view of how significant the events of the time were to the development of the British Army, it is unusual that the st..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
Sir John Fortescue’s ‘The Cruelest Necessity’
J. W. Fortescue
the British Army, the English Civil War and the Conflicts of the 17th Century
~~A nation divided—the birth of an army Among British Army historians the reputation of Sir John Fortescue stands virtually without equal. His comprehensive fourteen volume history is a work of unp..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Of English Wars
Alfred J. Church
Two Classic Works of Historical Faction—With the King at Oxford (English Civil War) & The Chantry Priest of Barnet (The War of the Roses)
Classic accounts of the great English wars of the 15th and 17th centuries The author of the two books in this unique Leonaur edition was an undisputed expert in the literary craft of ‘historical fa..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Two Lives During the English Civil War
William Blundell & Joseph Lister
Cavalier’s Note Book by William Blundell
Autobiography of Joseph Lister by Joseph Lister
The Royalist and the Parliamentarian These two comparatively short pieces have been brought together by the Leonaur Editors in the interests of good value and also because it may be improbable that..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
The First and Second Battles of Newbury and the Siege of Donnington Castle During the English Civil War
Walter Money
Three connected and vital episodes of seventeenth century warfare This substantial book of the English Civil War concerns three pivotal engagements thoughtfully and thoroughly researched and writte..
Available in paperback £14.99
Available in hardback £24.99
Parliament’s Generals of the English Civil War 1642-1651
Neville Lloyd Walford
The great men who brought down the Stuart monarchy This interesting account chronicles the careers, campaigns and battles of the men who were principally responsible for the overthrow of the Britis..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99