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The First World War in Africa

The Lundendoff German Spring Offensive, 1918

The Hundred Days Allied Offensive, 1918

The Supernatural and Weird Fiction of Hugh Walpole

The Complete Women Warriors

The 20th MaineTo Little Round Top and Beyond

The War in the AirVolume 2

British Battles of the War of Austrian Sucession and Seven Years War

Commanding Wellington's Army

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Fishermen in Wartime
Walter Wood
The Struggle at Sea During the First World War 1914-1918
Nets, mines and bullets Very rarely, as we warm our hands by a coal fire or eat our fish supper, do we think about what it took to heat our rooms or fill our plates. We may feel grateful that the t..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £18.68
Out of Nantucket
William Lay and Cyrus M. Hussey & William Rotch
Two Accounts of Whalers and Whaling
A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board the Ship Globe by William Lay and Cyrus M. Hussey Memorandum by William Rotch Accounts of the great whaling fleet These two accounts of the ships, sailors and..
Available in paperback £9.88
Available in hardback £18.68