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Algernon Blackwood's Shorter Supernatural Fiction (2 vols.)

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The Last Crusaders

The Defeat of the U-Boats

Sup Richard Middleton

The Battle of Austerlitz

The Campaigns of Alexander

Sabre and Foil Fighting

The Fourth Leonaur Book of Ghost and Horror Stories

The Irish Legion

General Von Zieten

Armoured Cars and Aircraft

The Chinese Regiment

Texas Cavalry and the Laurel Brigade

The First Crusaders

The Lionheart and the Third Crusade

The Winnebagos

Roger Lamb and the American War of Independence

Gronow of the Guards

Plumer of Messines

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Egyptian Campaign

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Lasalle—the Hussar General: the Life & Times of Napoleon’s Finest Commander of Light Cavalry, 1775-1809
John H. Lewis
A new biography of possibly the most renowned light cavalryman There can be few, if any, students of the military history of the Napoleonic period who are unaware of the career of the flamboyant An..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Lines of Red & Blue: the Battles of the British Army Against the Armies of Napoleonic France, 1801-15
Robert M. Blackwood
The French at British Armies in battle during the Napoleonic Age The French revolution, which broke out during the later 18th century, set the nation on a course of conflict which would set Europe ..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
The Far Campaigning Soldier
William Dyott
A Personal Account of Military service from 1781-1813 in the West Indies, the Egyptian Campaign and the Walcheren Expedition During the Napoleonic Wars
Personal observations of small campaigns of the Napoleonic age The long period of the French Revolution, the Consulate and Napoleon’s First Empire was notable not as a departure from almost perpetu..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
Captain François
Charles François
From Valmy, 1792 to Waterloo, 1815—the Journal of the Military Career of a French Soldier of the Napoleonic Age
An authentic journal of a French soldier through many campaigns The young Charles François rushed to fight for the cause of revolutionary France seeing action at Valmy. This was but the first of ma..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
The Cockade in the Sand
Thomas Walsh & W. W. Knollys
the Defeat of Napoleon’s Egyptian Adventure & the Campaign of 1801—Journal of the Late Campaign in Egypt by Thomas Walsh &The Expedition to Egypt (Extract) by Colonel W. W. Knollys
Two fine accounts of the British at war with Napoleon’s French Army in Egypt While there can be no doubt as to the colossal stature of Napoleon Bonaparte in world history, it is equally certain tha..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Bonaparte in Egypt
Haji A. Browne
The French Campaign of 1798-1801 From the Egyptian Perspective
Napoleon’s Egyptian adventure by an Egyptian historian It is a fascinating and compelling aspect of the character of Napoleon Bonaparte that as his star accelerated towards its zenith, his imaginat..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Warfare in the Age of Napoleon—Volume 2
Theodore A. Dodge
The Egyptian and Syrian Campaigns & the Wars of the Second and Third Coalitions, 1798-1805
The second volume of a major work on warfare in the Napoleonic age The author of this substantial multi-volume history, Theodore A Dodge, was not only an historian of stature and note but also a so..
Available in paperback £13.99
Available in hardback £21.99
With the ‘Old & Bold’ 1795 to 1818
Charles Steevens
The Reminiscences of an Officer of H. M 20th Regiment During the Napoleonic Wars
The military experiences of an infantry officer on many campaigns The author of this book had the distinction of belonging to a regiment which saw active service in several campaigns and theatres d..
Available in paperback £8.99
Available in hardback £16.99
The History of the Black Watch
Archibald Forbes
The Seven Years War in Europe, the French and Indian War, Colonial American Frontier and the Caribbean, the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny, the Ashanti War and the Nile Expedition--1729-1888
The first 150 years of one of the British Army’s most renowned regiments Archibald Forbes was a notable author, journalist and special correspondent during the British colonial wars of the Victoria..
Available in paperback £10.99
Available in hardback £18.99
The Sword of the Crown
Eric W. Sheppard
A History of the British Army to 1914
From knight and roundhead to the birth of the modern army The British Army can trace its lineage back to the middle ages, but for those who are interested in the development of Britain's land force..
Available in paperback £14.99
Available in hardback £24.99
Charles Cadell
The Campaigns of the 28th Regiment of Foot During the Napoleonic Wars by a Serving Officer
A personal narrative of a fighting regiment There were many famous regiments in Wellington's renowned 'Old Peninsular Army'. Perhaps the 28th Regiment of Foot was not exceptional, but it certainly ..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Sergeant Nicol
Daniel Nicol
The Experiences of a Gordon Highlander During the Napoleonic Wars in Egypt, the Peninsula and France

Unique documentation from a rare Napoleonic first-hand account This book—the first hand experiences of an ordinary British soldier of the Napoleonic era—is a Leonaur original. It has never been ava..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99
Colborne: A Singular Talent for War
John Colborne
The Napoleonic Wars Career of One of Wellington's Most Highly Valued Officers in Egypt, Holland, Italy, the Peninsula and at Waterloo
The military career of the Duke of Wellingtons champion There have been few British soldiers during the Napoleonic era of comparatively junior rank who achieved fame in their own time rather than as a..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
A Horseman for the Emperor
Jean Baptiste Gazzola
A Cavalryman of Napoleon's Army on Campaign Throughout the Napoleonic Wars
Galloping into danger--on and off the battlefield Jean Baptiste Gazzola's memoir of his life in Napoleon's cavalry regiments is a remarkable and exhilarating one. He tells his story vividly-almost ..
Available in paperback £11.99
Available in hardback £19.99
Fighting Napoleon’s Empire
Joseph Anderson
The Campaigns of a British Infantryman in Italy, Egypt, the Peninsular & the West Indies During the Napoleonic Wars
When Joseph Anderson joined the British Army to fight the French he little realised that his service would find him in action across the globe. The rarely reported expedition to southern Italy found h..
Available in paperback £9.99
Available in hardback £17.99