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The 7th (Queen’s Own) Hussars

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The 7th (Queen’s Own) Hussars
Leonaur Original
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Author(s): C. R. B. Barrett
Date Published: 2008/08
Page Count: 324
Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1-84677-521-5
Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1-84677-522-2

The 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars—in detail

This is fourth and final volume of C. R. B. Barett's in depth history of the 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars published by Leonaur in a matching set available in soft and hard cover with dust jacket. Volumes one, two and three deal with the regiment's activities from the early part of the eighteenth century, through the Seven Years War to the Napoleonic Age and the Colonial golden age of the British Empire and ending at the outbreak of the First World War. This final volume concentrates on the ever changing uniform of this beautifully dressed cavalry unit, the equipment it used and the weapons employed during its history. Different aspects of the regiment are described in detail, including its traditions and its band. The volume concludes with services of notable soldiers of the 7th and the appendices to the complete set. This is the conclusion of a distinguished set of books that will grace the shelves of any student of the history of the British cavalry.

The interesting portrait of an officer of the 7th (Queen’s Own) Light Dragoons which we reproduce overleaf is worthy of particular notice. The picture is in the possession of the Colonel of the Regiment, Major-General Sir Hugh McCalmont, K.C.B., C.V.O. It is signed Richard Arnold pinxt.’ 1793. As will be seen, the colour of the coat is a very dark blue. For this the reproduction is not responsible, as in the original the coat appears to be almost black. The collar and cuffs are white and trimmed with three rows of narrow blue braid.
The curious cord and tassel which depends on the left side from beneath the collar should have a counterpart on the right. This is, however, concealed by the frill. Mr. Hastings Irwin, however, informs the writer that on a coat exactly similar which is now in Berlin two cords and tassels appear, and their use was to tie the coat together when it was not hooked in front. The Berlin example is so tied. In our illustration the details of the dress and the helmet are easily to be seen and need no further remark. The type of sword and scabbard is alluded to elsewhere. In the original picture the plate on the shoulder belt is easily to be seen in detail. It bears at the top ‘Q’s Own.’ Beneath this is a double GR in a circle, and beneath it again 7th light dragoons.<br>
The dressing of the hair is somewhat uncommon.<br>
It would be interesting to know the name of the original of the portrait, but unfortunately on the picture itself there is no clue to be discovered, and there is not even any tradition. The turban on the helmet is composed of four rolls of red studded with white roundels, in the centre of each of which is a red spot. Only ‘Goons’ is visible on the helmet plate, the remainder being concealed by the pudding. The plume at the side is red and is rather large. Behind it there is a white plume, which crosses the top of the helmet transversely. The composition of the epaulettes, lace and sash need no remarks. One point more requires notice: the inside of the collar is the reverse of the outside, being blue with three braids of white. <br>
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