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The Casebooks of Mr J. G. Reeder: Book 2

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The Casebooks of Mr J. G. Reeder: Book 2
Leonaur Original
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Author(s): Edgar Wallace
Date Published: 2008/08
Page Count: 400
Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1-84677-517-8
Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1-84677-518-5

This is the second volume in Leonaur's collected tales about the mild mannered investigator from the Department of Public Prosecutions—Mr J G Reeder. Edgar Wallace created several characters about whom he wrote a series of stories, but few have captured the public imagination more than Mr. Reeder himself. This book contains another substantial helping from Mr Reeder's casebooks including Red Aces, Mr J. G. Reeder Returns, The Guv’nor & The Man Who Passed. All the Reeder stories are gathered together in two matching Leonaur volumes—available in softcover or hardcover with dust jacket—making them a delight for both new enthusiasts and collectors alike

J. G. led the way up the stairs into the study, and switched on the
The red-haired youth was a pitiable sight: his face streaked with blood,
the knuckles of his hands were bleeding. He had neither collar nor tie,
and as he stood, his soaked clothes formed an ever-growing pool on Mr
Reeder's shabby carpet.<br>
'I didn't intend coming here, but after they tried to kill me--'<br>
'I think you'd better have a hot bath,' interrupted Mr Reeder.<br>
Fortunately the bathroom was on the first floor, and by some miracle the
water was really hot. He left the trembling youth to divest himself of
his sodden clothes, and going upstairs, selected a few articles of
wearing apparel.<br>
In his study he had coffee-making equipment and in the cupboard a large
seed cake. He was partial to seed cake.<br>
The coffee was brewed and the young man came into the room. He was not
an attractive young man. He was very pale, he had a very large nose and
a long bony chin. He was very thin, and Mr Reeder's clothes did not so
much fit as cover him.<br>
He drank the coffee eagerly, looked at the seed cake, shuddered, but
betook of it, while Reeder built up the dying fire.<br>
'Now, Mr--'<br>
'Edelsheim, Benny Edelsheim,' said the young man. 'I live in Pepys Road,
New Cross. Did the girls tell you about me? I wish I hadn't run away
that night you chased me. She's a stunning looking girl, isn't she? I
don't mean the blonde--the other one.'<br>
'Have you wakened me up in the middle of the night to discuss the
attractions of brunettes?' demanded Mr Reeder gently. 'Who hit you?'<br>
The young man felt his head gingerly. He had tied about it a large
handkerchief which Mr Reeder had supplied.<br>
'I don't know, I think it was the fellow in the yellow coat...There
were two of them. I was just going into my house--my father's house,
when a man asked me if I had a match. I didn't like the look of him, but
I was feeling for the match when he hit me. There was a car halfway down
the hill--it used to be called Red Hill once...'<br>
'The topography is familiar to me,' said Mr Reeder. 'What did you do
when he hit you?<br>
'I ran,' said the other simply. 'I tried to shout, but I couldn't, and
then the other fellow, who was standing by the car, tripped me up.'<br>
He looked at his knuckles. 'That's where I got that. I think there were
three of them. A chauffeur was standing by the car and he made a dive at
me, but I dodged and doubled up the hill--with the fellow in the yellow
coat behind me.' <br>
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